Spec-Rite Online

Spec-Rite Online


Pavement Markings Management Platform

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Visualize and Automate Your Operation

Revolutionize your road marking operation with the world's most advanced pavement markings management platform.

Spec-Rite Online provides real-time information and data to help you manage pavement markings. The system combines software and smart equipment to reduce waste and ensure quality and compliance.

Spec-Rite Online seamlessly integrates your smart equipment on a single dashboard, combining data from Skip-Timers, retroreflectivity assessments, and third-party equipment to visualize your striping operation. 

SRO Features

Real-Time Updates

Real-time performance tracking and truck location.

Photos and Comments

Get instant geotagged photos of your job site for quick tort claim resolution.

WAZE Alerts

Enable WAZE with one click and help increase driver awareness

Reporting & Scheduling

Schedule report frequency based on custom report templates.

Get The Big Picture

Full material summary, time/GPS stamped records, and environmental conditions.

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