Complete Systems

Complete Systems

Autoline VX10 / VX04 Systems

For complete flexibility in roadmarking control

The Autoline VX10 roadmarking system has all the features you need for fast, accurate, efficient and cost effective road-marking.

It is packed with features to make line marking fast and efficient, such as gun offsets, look ahead triggering and seamless pattern changeovers. The data recording, GPS logging and easy office integration features will have you spending more time roadmarking and less time in the office. The modular design of the system also allows for cost effective installations.

With eight or more outputs the system is ideal for large or complex roadmarking machines. At the same time it has an intuitive interface, which is easy to learn and use.

The Autoline VX04 system has the same features as the premium VX10 system except the controller is limited to only four outputs. This cost effective model is designed for simpler machines that have less paint guns, but still require full functionality in the control system.

VX10 – Vehicle-Mount PC

  • Waterproof and dustproof rugged aluminum enclosure
  • 7” touchscreen with adjustable brightness
  • 5 function keys with LED backlighting
  • Intuitive user interface for easy operation
  • Single screen for simultaneous display of all information – includes pattern details, metres painted, litres painted, speed, film thickness
  • Data logging add-on provides exporting of logged work using USB, email, or the cloud
  • In the field software upgrades as new features become available

LX10 – Controller

  • Each unit has 8 programmable gun outputs
  • Output offsets help improve beads coverage over painted lines
  • Latch mode provides semi-automatic operation – useful for re-marking
  • Look ahead triggering
  • Fast / Slow gun control for two speed operation
  • Panel LEDs to indicate input / output activity
  • Diagnostics mode to test system operation
  • Large remote readouts
  • Simultaneous dual Smartswitch use
  • Enclosure and connectors waterproof to IP65

SX10 – Smartswitch

Improve productivity with the Smartswitch seamless barrier generator.

  • Quick pattern selection
  • Change patterns without stopping
  • Improves application of multiple line patterns (eg barriers)
  • Cycle Lock allows for hands-free operation by providing full-automatic operation
  • Remote control of line adjustment settings
  • LHS and RHS versions available
  • Sealed push buttons
  • Enclosure and connectors sealed to IP65
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