Innovative hi-tech solutions for roadmarking and road asset management


Novo Innovation Autoline range of line striping controllers

Our latest products provide a complete control and monitoring system for the road marking / line striping industry. They are suitable for everything from the smaller walk-behind machines, to the larger truck-mounted systems.

These exceptionally robust and reliable roadmarking controllers are designed specifically for this industry, and have been proven in the Australian desert.

We have over 30 years experience in the industry, first as Endeavour Electronics, then RMSD, and now Novo Innovation Ltd. This means we can help you find the best solution for your particular needs, and that we stand behind our products for the long haul.

Benefits of Novo Innovation control systems:
• Control, measure and monitor all roadmarking operations
• Can be used with paint, thermoplastic, and cold-applied applications
• Easy to install and operate
• Provides useful readout displays such as speed and film thickness
• Increases efficiency of the machine and improves quality of application
• Helps meet contract compliance requirements

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RMSD customers can continue to contact us for support and service. Manuals for legacy products can be found here.