About us

In December 2011 RMSD Ltd sold the marine electronics division of its business to another New Zealand based marine company.  As a result, the decision was made to operate the roadmarking controller business under the name of Novo Innovation Ltd. RMSD Ltd has ceased operations.

Former members of RMSD Peter Wilson, Brian Dowle, and Reuben Dowle are all involved with Novo Innovation Ltd as directors.

This team has over 50 cumulative years experience in the roadmarking industry:

· Brian Dowle is a talented engineer with a wealth of experience in varying fields.  He first developed a roadmarking controller solution 30 years ago. Going forward Brian will offer part-time support.

· Reuben Dowle is an experienced and highly regarded electrical engineer who specialises in software development. He has helped with our products for several years. Reuben will continue with the software development of the the new roadmarking controller products.

· Peter Wilson is an electronics engineer who specialises in hardware design. Throughout his 15 years working with Brian he has accumulated a great deal of roadmarking controller knowledge. Peter will manage the daily operation of the business.

Novo Innovation Ltd is committed to providing customers with the same excellent level of service and support that was achieved at RMSD Ltd. RMSD customers can continue to contact us for support and service.